Preschool is more than a stepping stone to elementary school.

Jewish thought suggests divine lessons are best absorbed by the young.

This means preschool is where your children begin to form their Jewish identity. It is also their first Jewish community. That is why we offer an immersive Jewish Studies program. Our interdisciplinary approach includes weekly Shabbat celebrations, Jewish holiday celebrations, Israeli songs and dances, holiday treat baking experiences, and Torah activities. Your child will come home with a deeper understanding and excitement for Judaism and will learn to embody the Jewish spirit.


Students love our weekly Shoobee Doobee Shabbat program that incorporates songs, blessings and a delicious challah snack. Children have several opportunities each year to be the ema or abba (mom or dad) and to lead the prayers for Friday night candle lighting, Kiddush and challah as they become more familiar with the customs and blessings. It is a great opportunity for your child to practice leadership and build confidence.

Torah & Mitzvot

Your child’s Jewish learning begins with B’reisheit (Genesis) and a pantomime of the days of creation. Students create recycled rainbows for Parashat Noah, and experience the kindness of being welcomed into Avraham and Sarah’s tent. Our students are also introduced to the concept of simcha shel mitzvot, doing a mitzvah with joy, with related activities throughout the year that encourage empathy, teach tzedakah (charity), and begin to expand their community perspective throughout the year.

Jewish Holidays

Our holiday celebrations create lasting memories from Rosh Hashanah through Shavuot. Students look forward to decorating our life-size Hanukkiah using small potted plants as candles and preparing the raised beds for spring planting for Tu B'shevat in our garden each year. For Passover, they may "travel" to Egypt, cross the Red Sea, and enter the promised land. As for Yom Ha’Atzmaut, classes may “fly” to Israel on EL AL, have their passports stamped at customs, visit the Kotel, explore a shuk (outdoor market), and visit a kibbutz.
Students learn the meaning and traditions of each holiday with programs that include pretending to be international travelers, artwork and song, and by practicing special blessings in Hebrew and English. This foundational knowledge gives your child the confidence to participate fully in our fun events at school and in your own family celebrations. It also inspires a great deal of nachas (pride) around the holiday table.

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