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"When you have children, you want to give them all the best parts of your childhood." -Eli Fleet

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  • Fleet Family Story

    When you have children, you want to give them all the best parts of your childhood. When we decided to move our family back to where I grew up, I was excited for my kids to grow up in the Jacksonville Jewish Center community, where I spent my foundational years, learning and making lifelong friends. I wanted my kids to develop the same love and confidence in both secular and Jewish education that I received growing up.
    Registering at DuBow Preschool was an obvious decision. The school has a great reputation and this was an easy way to immediately integrate ourselves into the Jewish community. What we did not anticipate was for our kids to immediately feel so comfortable with their peers, that respect and kindness would be key tenets in their classroom’s learning objectives, or that their teachers would take the time to discover the qualities in my children that we were sure only our family would notice and love about them! 

    With our oldest now in Kindergarten at Martin J. Gottlieb Day School, I love that our children are attending a school where they will grow up confident in their Judaism, comfortable leading a seder or participating in a service, no matter where they are in the world. But for now, we are just so happy to be a part of this wonderful bubble, where our kids have found a second home running around the campus with their friends just as I did at their age. L'Dor V'Dor.

"It  feels like home" -Pam Feldman

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  • Feldman Family Story

    It feels like home. It is where I grew academically but also as a person. I wanted to have the opportunity to provide the same caring environment in the very same classrooms where I had thrived as a student. Today I lead students in creating some of the same memories that I experienced--Consecration and my parents decorating my first siddur cover, Passover seder plays, Hanukkah songs with project keepsakes, and Thanksgiving programs!

    Our son attends DuBow Preschool. Knowing that our son is going to make the same wonderful memories and have the same exceptional education that I received and now pass on to my students is truly a feeling that is unmatched.

"The Day School challenged me academically and fostered my intellectual curiosity. " -Charlie Raitt

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  • Charlie Raitt Testimonial

    I started my journey at the Day School in Mrs. Schemer’s 3-year-old preschool class and graduated from the 8th grade in 2005. Along the way, I made lifelong friends and some of my favorite childhood memories include the Day School. I’ll never forget decorating Mr. Sandler’s 4th grade classroom as a log cabin when we read, Sign of the Beaver, our Middle School mitzvah program with Edith, Middle School trips to Chicago, Washington, DC, and New York,  and each moment spent in Mrs. Reppert’s room.  

    The teachers in the Day School challenged me academically and fostered my intellectual curiosity.  Jewish Studies instilled the importance of performing acts of gemilut chasadim- acts of loving kindness and tikkun olam- repairing the world. I’ll always remember my time there as a student and those teachers that impacted my life in so many ways. The lessons learned at the Day School helped prepare me for both high school and college.  Today, I work at Fidelity Investments in Jacksonville and recently earned my Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

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