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Laurie Preschool was founded in 1944 as a community school. A sense of connection and warmth remain at the heart of our students’ experiences today.
We are an inclusive and diverse community-wide school that believes in the importance of growth through play. Every age group benefits from an integrated curriculum that is enhanced by Jewish Studies, Art, Gardening, Music, and Learning Lab lessons taught by Martin J. Gottlieb Day School’s lower and middle school specialists.
We understand that a successful preschool experience is not limited to programming. For any child to flourish, they must feel safe, cared for and valued and we strive to do that. We provide parents a window into their children’s learning activities through daily reports that are enhanced with photographs and videos. A direct line of communication is always available through our dedicated office staff. (They have even been known to take a quick peek into a classroom when a parent requires a little extra assurance.)
Our teachers support your child’s curiosity through age-appropriate interdisciplinary lessons. Perhaps a favorite boat inspires a buoyancy lesson in the Learning Lab, a book about cargo destinations, a 3-D class sculpture, and a safety discussion. Or a fascination with rainbows inspires a nature walk that leads to a lesson on the Hebrew names for different colors and a cross-curricular lesson from our lower school art specialist. Regardless of the interest, our preschool has the resources to bring your child’s interests to life while expanding their perspective.

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  • What is the teacher-to-learner ratio in each class?

    The teacher-to-learner ratio in each classroom is 1:8 or less, depending on the age group, with two teachers in each classroom at all times.
  • Do you offer early or after care?

    Families may opt to enroll their child in early care beginning at 7:00 am and/or after care from 3:30-6:00 pm. There are a variety of flexible program options from which to choose.
Teachers use the The Creative Curriculum (by Teaching Strategies) as a foundation for planning weekly, developmentally-appropriate lessons in each classroom. Curriculum objectives align with, but are not limited to, the Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards: Birth to Kindergarten (2017) and reflect the knowledge and skills that are developmentally appropriate for the age. 

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