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Allowing Parents Into The Classroom Through The Portal

We want to keep our preschool and day school parents apprised of what is happening in our school. We’ve created a parent portal that allows preschool and day school parents to keep track of events, look at the lunch menu, access information specific to their child’s classroom and much more. This easy-to-use tool will make it simpler to get involved and take note of important dates on the calendar.

Our parent portal allows parents to have a hands-on role in their child’s education, access data, contact teachers, find out about important events and even pay for school lunch. By allowing you real-time access to your child’s grades, classroom assignments and other information, we are better able to partner with you to help your child succeed.

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Building Community Through Strong Parent Involvement


Parents of students in both DuBow Preschool and Martin J. Gottlieb Day School play a large role in the strong sense of community that our school offers Jacksonville families. They also play a crucial role in the success of our school through their involvement in various roles, particularly the PTA. We depend on strong involvement from our parents for the success of various programs and events at the school.

Through the PTA and various service opportunities, our parents get to know each other, develop friendships, and support our hardworking staff members and teachers. Connect with our current PTA President to learn more about ways you can actively engage with the PTA and help build a strong sense of community at Galinsky Academy.

Are you looking for ways to get involved? Do you want to get to know like-minded Jewish families and work alongside them to make your child’s school a better place? Contact us for information on how you can do that. 

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